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Best Photography Awards

  Participants can choose and pick from a number of categories including Advertising, Portrait , Art photography/ Digital art, Fashion, Architecture, Nature, Open Theme, Documentary / Photojournalism, Wildlife / Animals etc.

                                                                            Terms & Conditions: 

Participants must be high school students enrolled in Soft Tarbiyah Online Academy.
Participants must take the photo they submit. Submitting photos taken by others is not permitted.
Participants can participate with one photo or a series of 1-5 photos. This will depend on the cost of the application
We ask participants to carefully read the rules for submitting their photos to the competition on the official website of the competition.
Students can take pictures in either landscape or portrait mode. 
The competition team reserves the right to disqualify any entry deemed inappropriate. 
Prizes must be collected by winners, and they are non-transferable. 
Submissions must be submitted by the posted deadlines. 
Winners will be chosen based on members of the jury of the competition





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