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How Internet Technology Is Helping Education:

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

–Benjamin Franklin

The world is an endless sea of knowledge that only moves forward with time, and with it so must we. The only way we can evolve to our full capacity is if we learn. It is not just about gaining information, it is about getting an education. An education the values of which extend beyond paper and are integrated into our everyday lives. An education that fills curious minds, not just note books.

"Play is the highest form of search."

-Albert Einstein It is and has been common knowledge that children, for one reason or another, are generally not attracted to the idea of school. Possibly because from a child’s perspective ‘school’ represents responsibilities, strictness and most importantly home work. We at Soft Tarbiah strive to change that perspective. Children are often quite inquisitive and most are sharper than they are given credit for. Our aim is to show children how exciting learning can truly be. That it is not just about books and tests, but what is inside those books can be so riveting and how those tests can prepare you for the future you dream of. As;

Technology is a useful servant."

-Christian Lous Lange

Our mission is based upon three main principles; Evoke ambition, inspire innovation and encourage involvement. Through the extensive research put into creating lessons, tailored to the times of today and in accordance with the teachings of the past, our curriculum intends to provide a wholesome scholastic experience. We want children to learn to enjoy and fully utilize educational experiences, we want them to discover their passions and to start refining their skills early in life. We intend to teach them creative skills, social skills, a positive self-concept and sense of equality, equity and independence through involved learning.

Soft Tarbiah combines the internet technology with education. It only makes sense to use the infinite sources available through said technology to help children explore the world and expand their horizons even further.

"School is a path, not a point."

-Will Richardson Being an educator is as much an honour as it is a responsibility. Here at Soft Tarbiah the entire staff acknowledges and respects that responsibility. We will ensure that every individual child is prepared to meet the challenges ahead, to overcome the obstacles they may be faced with in an effort to raise the standard of their lives and stand on their own two feet, and to become compassionate individuals capable of contributing to the betterment of the society.

Technology won't replace teachers , but the teachers who use technology willl probably replace teacher who don't use."


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