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STA offering unpaid internship to test skills and offer Jobs

Unpaid Internships:

Internships have much more in common with early career jobs than they do with training courses or with other forms of work experience.

With a growing proportion of the population holding at least an undergraduate degree, relevant work experience is an increasingly important requirement for accessing graduate jobs.

The 2012 Milburn report noted that not only was general work experience seen as vital by employers, but that access to graduate jobs was often reliant on specific experience with a given company.

Soft Tarbiyah Associates (STA) motivates your skills:

Soft Tarbiyah is an online platform that offers various academic, personality development and intellectual courses.

STA provides an online Internship program to all students who want to accelerate in their career. This internship program is offered to more than 50students each year and is undertaken for 3months.During this 3-month time period, interns work under the supervision of experienced colleagues to carry out their projects. Projects assigned to interns differ depending upon the teams they are assigned by their supervisors. There are following teams that will be assigned viewing interns educational background:

⦁ Marketing & promotion (Social media team)

⦁ Education & training

⦁ Internet technologies

⦁ HR & Administration

First 100hours of STA internship are unpaid, after successful project work paid internship will be given. Interns have to work 2 hours daily and their daily progress will be monitored by their supervisors.

So, come to join STA to excel your abilities! Jois us at

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