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About Us

Soft Tarbiyah Academy is an online training and education academy that offers various intellectual , academic and personality development courses. Soft Tarbiyah Academy is supported by the team of dedicated professionals belonging to various educational fields who believe in providing regular homeschooling for Cambridge learners as well as tuition from Grade 1-11 and A Levels we also offer authentic Quran Tajweed and Tarbiyah Program as per Quran and Sunnah .







Our Academy

Softtarbiyah brings you an excellent e-learning service offering various academic, intellectual, and personality development courses for both home-shooling and tuitions.

Our Team

Our education system is supported by a professional and dedicated team of qualified and experienced teachers who bring out the best in our students whether for home-schooling or one on one tuitions for any subject.Our teachers have prepared students for their IGCSE and A-levels board exams in the year 2019 ,2020, and 2021 successfully.

Our Vision

To become a knowledge house  for all  home based  learners and deliver academic and personality development courses at affordable cost.

Our Mission

Soft Tarbiyah is committed to bring positive personality development of every child meeting their individual learning needs , also  providing learning platform for professionals at the same time supporting our teachers who are willing to teach online .

CEO Message



Softtarbiyah is affiliated with a prestigious school based in Pakistan - the Unique School System Eden chapter, Lahore. This affiliation enables Softtarbiyah Online Academy to not only provide quality education to your child but to also provide with a completion and transfer certificate which can be attested with the authorities and acknowledged by UAE schools based on the attestation from both ministries in Pakistan as well as UAE.

Soft tarbiyah academy is an online training and education school that offers various intellectual, 
academic and personality development courses offering a Cambridge Curriculum based

E-learning services.


Softtarbiyah is a registered firm in Pakistan and affiliated with by VIP NETWORK 
LLC in UAE which is licensed to market and offer education support services in UAE. 

Unique International Educational Services (UIES) is an exclusive landmark in Pakistan that provides school, academy, and college education at its best. Unique school system eden chapter was established in 1997. Softtarbiyah institute affiliated with unique school system eden chapter in 2021. 

For more information on the Unique school system eden chapter please visit the following website,




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