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To begin the admission process please fill the registration form online (Click Here for Registration form). Once you have submitted the online application, you will receive an acknowledgement email. This email will contain a registration number and information on next steps. Please print a copy of the email and keep it  for your records. Do also note the registration number as a reference for future correspondence and queries.

Register Online

Submit Documents

Please speak to the program advisor and submit the requested documents listed below, to the Registrar.


  1. 1 copy of the child’s Birth Certificate/ passport. 

  2. 1 copy of parent’s passport. 

  3. 1 Photo of Child with white background.

  4. Two years of school reports, including any learning support documents pertaining to your child’s educational needs. (For early years, please submit nursery reports if available)

  5. Attested Transfer Certificate (only needed at the time of enrolment)

Pay Registration Fees

After submit the required documents pay registration fee + prospectus charge of AED 500+25(non refundable)  through cash and purchase the prospectus from the  Accounts department. Registration fee payment to be made at school within 5 days from date of Registration. Otherwise this registration will become null and void.

Interview / Test

Once parents submit all the documents, parents will receive email for the scheduled date for written assessment (for FS) and entrance test (for  Grade 1 and above).  The parent/sponsor and the child should visit the school at least 15 minutes prior to the appointment.

Admission Decision

The seat will be confirmed for each student, based on his/her age, as well as the entrance test results, social and emotional development within the policy guidelines. In case the school is full as per capacity for the required grade, we will put the student on our waiting list. As soon as a seat gets free, we will intimate you on the next steps.

Pay Term Fees

Once the seat is confirmed, parents are requested to pay the 1st term tuition fee along with the annual fee, within 10 working days of confirmation. If the fee is not paid within 10 working days, the admission will be moved to the waiting list and may only be available by turn. There maybe additional documents required at this stage and this will be informed to you, if applicable. It is important to note that admissions at this stage is subject to approval from the Ministry of Education, where a routine document check is done. Subsequent to this admission will be regularized.

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