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Juz Amma- Quran Tajweed Programme.

Duration : 3 Months

Instructors : Certified Tajweed Teachers.


Part I

Surat al-Fatiha

Surat al-Nas to Surat al-Theen


Part II

Surat al-Bayyinah to Surat al-A`laa


Part III

Surat al-Burooj to Surat al-Naba

Mastering the following tajweed rules:

  • Madd Lazim (6 count Madd)

  • Ikhfa (hiding)

  • Idgham (merging)

  • Ithhar (showing)

  • The rules of Raa

  • The attribute of Istitala

  • The attribute of Tafashe

  • The attribute of Safeer.

  • The Shidda, Leen and Rakhawa letters.


By the end of this course you will be able to recite Surah al-Fatihah and Surahs Al-Qariah to Al-Nas using tajweed rules insha’Allah.

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