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Character Building

"Character education is not one more thing in your plate, it is the plate."


Effective character education is not adding a program or set of programs to a school. Rather it is a transformation of the culture and life of the school.”

(Dr. Marvin Berkowitz)

The wonderful thing about character and integrity, which are intimately related, is that they are one of the few things in life that no one will ever be able to forcefully take away from you. Your choices are your own.Even if someone can take your life, they cannot force you to make a choice that you believe is wrong. The actions below cannot be done all at once, nor should they be. Each of them takes time to fully understand and apply towards your life. Soft Tarbiyah direct you towards the perfect strategy of character according to Islam.

Character education is about;

Learn about your own virtues and values, and how they correspond to your life and the world around you. So we give you a chance to change the world around you.

Why Are We Doing This?

Character education should enable young people to develop character virtues and practical wisdom, which helps them decide what to do when faced with moral dilemmas.

"knowing the good, loving the good, and doing the good."

(Lickona, 1991)

The need for character education lies in the fact that a sustained process of teaching, being shown examples of good character, and constant by practicing what they learned is the things needed to instill good character traits in students. And since students spend most of their time at school, it is the perfect place to instill moral values in them.

"Character can and should be taught in school."

(says, Hunt)

The reason for teaching good character is to help prepare the students to face the many opportunities and unknown dangers that are in today's society. Character education gives the students the knowledge they need to know what these dangers in society are and deal with them properly.

"without the sense of identity, there could be no real struggle."

Identify yourself and lead your life to the edge of living with Soft Tarbiyah.


Character education usually consists of some sort of system of values or principles that help students develop their own moral priorities and ideologies.

"Teaching is not about information, it's about having an honest intellectual relationship with your students."

Our thoughts and prayers are not enough, The teacher have to workout for finding the areas where children will best shine.

if the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress ???

A great question which leads you to the transformation of your character. Main focus of Soft

tarbiyah's online education is Tarbiyah.We want your child to be perfectly known to his/her own personality. we will lead them to self realization and self discipline.


"Teachers are not only the educator, they are the character builders! "

A million things that you need to do for creating a good character and self esteem in children. Some most common and basic attributes a children needs to learn are:


Trustworthiness is such an important character trait for your child to develop. your child should understand the difference between truth and a lie.saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Following through when you make a promise.


Respect is how you feel about someone: Having respect for someone means you think good things about who a person is or how he/she acts. You can have respect for others, and you can have respect for yourself.

Respect is how you treat someone: Showing respect to someone means you act in a way that shows you care about their feelings and well-being.


A responsibility is something that is your job to do something about, or to think about. It is something that affects our lives and other people's lives.

  • to be the best person that he can be.

  • to respect the rights of others.

  • to learn as well as he can.


Honesty is when you speak the truth and act truthfully.

"A conscience is that voice in your head, and that feeling in your heart, that tells you if something is right or wrong, even when no one is looking".


Displaying kindness and concern for others, children must be taught caring about other people. As they grow, they would be a productive part of the society.


Regarded as one of the greatest human virtues by all major religious traditions, compassion is an emotional response and attitude toward others that is deeply empathetic. Research shows that compassion plays a key role in helping children develop into engaged, caring, and optimistic adults.

IQ & EQ:

IQ measures a person's academic intelligence, whereas EQ measures emotional intelligence -- a person's ability to interact with others or 'social intelligence'. People with high IQ do not always have social intelligence and may lack the skills to be successful in many current work environments.

Gratitude and Humanity:

The most challenging part of teaching gratitude and thankfulness is that you can't convince a child to be grateful. It's something that each child needs to 'realize' on his or her own. However, we love the special power that great children's storybooks have to nudge a child in the right direction!


"No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship."

we started a movement to build character, in your children. By our unimaginable efforts and profound passion. we are trying to build up characters in our daily school activities.

Building a caring commmuninty:

By "caring community" we mean that everybody in the school—students, staff, administration—treats everyone else with kindness and respect. To accomplish such a lofty goal, your students will need to play an active role in shaping the culture and environment of the learning process, as well as of the school at large.

Teaching Values Through the Curriculum:

The curriculum we are currently teaching is undoubtedly filled with opportunities to engage our students in thinking about character and values. According to the Character Education Partnership, "When teachers bring to the fore the character dimension of the curriculum, they enhance the relevance of subject matter to students’ natural interests and questions, and in the process, increase student engagement and achievement." How can you beat that?

Class Discussions:

"The best forms of character education also involve students in honest, thoughtful discussion and reflection regarding the moral implications of what they see around them, what they are told, and what they personally do and experience."

It is difficult to overstate the benefits of a meaty, morally challenging classroom discussion.Our Properly facilitated discussions like these develop students’ critical thinking skills, provide a group bonding experience, and engage the students in deep, meaningful reflection about the kinds of people they are and want to be.

Service Learning:

Service learning is a powerful approach to teaching in which academic goals are accomplished through community service. Service learning takes the kids well past merely performing the service—they also select it, plan it, and then reflect on their entire experience. In addition to academic content, students practice valuable practical skills like organizing, collaborating, and problem solving. And they exercise such important character virtues as showing respect, taking responsibility, empathy, cooperation, citizenship, and persistence. Soft Tarbiyah provide it all and please you well with the character of your child.

"Don’t just teach kids how to count, teach them what counts most."

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