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Online Primary Education Issues in Pakistan and How Soft Tarbiyah is Bridging Gap

The online education is distance education that means there is no classroom, teachers and students are at different places and connected through any technology like internet, any application, videos, Skype.

The most important sector of education is a primary education. It is a prime stage for a child for edifice of career, developing personality.

In Pakistan, the trend of online education is increasing but at secondary and more level. Online primary education is at initial level. There are some issues that barrier the growth of online primary education.

Online Education Objectives

  • The main objective of online education is to provide the workforce with a latest, dependable and affordable program that produces motivated, accomplished and reliable knowledge workers.

  • Second it ensures you substantial cost savings due to elimination of your travel expenses. It improves your productivity, so you can utilize your own time more efficiently as you do not need to travel any longer to get to the classroom.

  • Third it gives students an instant access to the most reliable information and data. Thus, it ensures an improved learning than traditional classroom learning.

  • It delivers a higher retention of content through advanced learning methods.

  • It ensures an improved collaboration among students and professionals.


  1. Parents do not trust, they want their kids to go to school.

2. Parents are not aware of internet technology and importance of online primary education.

3. Many students need to remain engaged in the course and need the ability to directly communicate with their instructor and other students.

4. They won’t go out from their homes then how can they understand the real world challenges.

5. Children cannot make friends that helps in making gathering, communication, sharing and developing personality.

6. They don’t have any activity like sports, annual functions, educational events, patriotic events in online education system.

7. Technical Issues, many students are not provided with the high bandwidth or the strong internet connection.

How Soft Tarbiyah aims to overcome the gap by providing quality Montessori and Primary education online?

There is always a solution to every problem. “Solution comes before problem”. However, there is a very bright future of online education in Pakistan. The concept of e-learning or online education has been expanding rapidly for the past few years all over the world. One of the most significant developments is that the use of the computers has been dramatically increased due to online learning worldwide. Students are used to of google search for their assignments, knowledge, study, projects and thesis which is good to develop their research skills.

Soft Tarbiyah Associate is providing online Montessori and primary education. Soft Tarbiyah can help reduce gap by overcoming issues of online education system in Pakistan by providing:

  1. Different events to their students that can help in their mental, social and communication growth.

2. Parents can meet STA team and to other parents and get satisfaction.

3. Can take workshop of parents within the same city they belongs to, to aware them with benefits of online primary education.

4. Quality education, approved materials, and qualified instructors.

5. Online instructor help whenever student needs.

6. Online or manual training programs and workshops for teachers on how to teach and enhance their teaching skills.

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