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STA Winter Online Digital Internship 2016-2017

Any person who has the

ability to be hard working and has enough self-motivation, is most likely to be the highly successful. Every human being has their own individuality and in this competitive world, the ones that can differentiate themselves from this broad category are highly successful ones. An internship with an established firm is a good source of knowledge and it can provide you career building experience and it can be a stepping stone towards your dream job.

Why Soft Tarbiyah Associates (STA)

Soft Tarbiyah is an online platform that offers various academic, personality development and intellectual courses. We are happy to announce our winter

internship program for Digital Branding. Many of you might be searching for internships, so, solution to your problem is here. Yes, we offer online internship programs for university’s students. Being a Digital Branding intern, your responsibilities might include full responsibility for driving brand guidelines, drive and support social media strategies, collect and implement recommendations for future campaign planning, ability to cope with difficulties. It is also a great opportunity for interns to impress potential employers with their skills, experience and creativity.

Easy Work Schedule

Internship program is offered each year and is undertaken for 3-months. During this 3-month time period, interns work under the supervision of

experienced colleagues to carry out their projects. Projects assigned to interns differ depending upon the teams they are assigned by their supervisors. There are following teams that will be assigned viewing interns educational background:

⦁ Marketing & promotion (Social media team)

⦁ Education & training

⦁ Internet technologies

⦁ HR & Administration

First 100 hours of STA internship are unpaid, after successful project work paid internship will be given. Interns have to work 2 hours daily and their daily progress will be monitored by their supervisors. So, come to join STA to excel your abilities! Join us at

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