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What is ABACUS and why should I choose to learn this?

What is ABACUS?

ABACUS is a simple mental mathematical tool used for the purpose of calculation. It has been used for hundreds of years before the invention of computers; it dates as far back as 2400B.C. Many civilizations have developed their own version of the ABACUS tool. They were used in more Asian countries like Japan and Korea who named the tool the soroban, and in Russia where it is called a schoty. ABACUS is still being used in these countries and is now becoming more demanding all over the globe.

The physical ABACUS tool is usually made from bamboo or wooden frames and beads; however with the growing trend and demand for online learning, ABACUS software is now being used all over the world. Below are some photos of the physical ABACUS tool used by adults and children. The photos on the right are screen shots of ABACUS software being used today.

ABACUS is said to be the fastest, accurate, time saving method of calculating large numbers and is done by visualizing the abacus in the mind. Using the software makes it easy for both children and adults to achieve this through animation. Learning ABACUS doesn’t cost much at all and only requires about thirty minutes of your day for learning and practice. With ABASCUS, you can do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in small or large numbers accurately in a short space of time.

How is ABACUS used?

The picture below illustrates the ABACUS tool which has a horizontal beam that separates the beads into two groups. The upper beads are called heaven beads while the lower beads are called the earth beads.

You represent the numbers by pushing the beads towards the beam. For example, the heaven beads represent 5 and the earth beads represent 1. So to represent six, you simply lower the top bead which is 5 and raise one earth bead which is 1 and you get 6. Move to the next column and simply move 1 earth bead for the tens, thus representing 16 on the ABACUS board. If you want to represent larger numbers, simply adjust the beads on the columns to the left accordingly.

ABACUS training has many benefits for the brain. It can help improve the ability to concentrate, memorize, visualize and process information. It can also boost confidence and give a sense of achievement while developing these abilities. ABACUS promotes the use of the right side of the brain which concentrates on creativity and thinking and also the left side of the brain which focuses on language and sound. ABACUS training can therefore develop and integrate both sides of the brain in both children and adults.

In countries like Japan, ABACUS is a requirement for public employment. They have realized and valued this very resourceful skill which helps solve many complex and difficult calculations with ease and without any complications. This program is therefore not only for teaching children but for training working professionals also. There are many business men and office clerks that prefer using this method than searching for their calculator each time they require to do some calculation. This certainly portrays intelligence in the individual.

Soft Tarbiyah is now offering Soroban ABACUS training online. It is now easy to learn from home and requires only thirty minutes of your time daily. Sign up today and let us help boost your mathematical skills today!

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